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Waterlily quilt

elettariaquilts in fabric_journals

First BJP piece done!

I proudly present to you January, my first Bead Journal Project piece.

BJP January 2011

It's 5" square, as all my pieces will be, and of course hasn't photographed terribly well, between my crappy photography skills (honestly, I can't even hold the camera still half the time) and the difficulty of photographing beads, especially the little mirrors at the centre of each circle. It may be helpful to say that I made a great deal of use of this grey bead mix. I started by drawing three circles onto paper, doing it again with the next size down circle templates (really useful, though beware that the edges aren't well cut and the lines are often askew), and then drawing branching curves in the gaps. I don't think I really thought properly about trees until I had the circles beaded and was filling in the lines, and then I realised what I'd made.

>I spent my teenage years cheerfully singing and playing the piano with my best friend, and one of our favourites was Schubert's wonderful song cycle Winterreise. It's about a young man who has just been dumped* and who goes off on a winter journey, ranting at frozen rivers and eventually going quite loopy and heading for death. There's a translation of the cycle here. The twenty-third song is called "Die Nebensonnen" and is about the young man hallucinating that he can see three suns in the sky. The song isn't trippy as you'd expect, it's rather lovely in a weary, slightly angsty way (he's pretty much burned through the angst by now), and you can listen to a random example of it here, along with the last song in the cycle. Anyway, there you are, three suns in the bright cold sky.

I picked the fabric because the harsh winter we're having has focused everyone's attention on the weather, and I felt like exploring what could be done with grey, a colour I've never really used in the past. I'm glad I did, there were wonderful moonstoney beads and dark blue iris ones and very slightly coppery ones that all read overall as grey/black/white but gave it life and depth. The background fabric is a blue-grey batik with a pattern slightly reminiscent of thistles and a lavendery patch in the top right.

* You pick up bits of vocab from singing the classical repertoire in different languages. I always say that if you sing Italian, you learn how to get someone into bed, and if you sing German, you learn how to commit suicide after being dumped. I've yet to encounter a singer who disagrees.

I've written a longer version of this post at my quilting blog here, including some fairly boring technical notes. In case anyone is wondering, yes, this is still elettaria!


Thank you! Are you journalling this year? (If we've already talked and I've totally forgotten, forgive me, I have a memory like a thing with holes in.) I've just looked briefly at your LJ and the title alone is most intriguing, and I gather that you're a proper art school graduate and everything. I've commented on your post about sleep, by the way.

January 2011

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