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Free beading book!

Robin Atkins, the bead artist who founded the Bead Journal Project, has very kindly put up a free PDF of an out-of-print book of hers here. I haven't yet finished reading it, but so far it looks excellent, and I'm very fond of another book of hers which I have. Even if you don't bead, the pictures are lovely to gaze at for inspiration.

So who's on board for 2011, and what are you plotting? Which medium are you thinking of using, and do you have any themes or other ideas in mind? As mentioned previously, I'm primarily a quilter and am going to be beading this year, probably all on batiks, and I'm hoping this will help me become more spontaneous in my work.


I am mainly a patchwork quilter and a "safe" knitter. Now instead of making a quilt I want to create a piece of art. I've been read about creating an embroidered book & an embellished book. I bought some photosensitive fabric like the blue paper we had in science kits but fabric. Very excited to see where that will lead. We are also expecting out first grandbaby in April and I bought some antique pillow cases to make a few sun dresses and maybe a jumper out of. I am also planing out a wall hanging of a crazy quilt with small family mementos under shimmer see-through gossamer fabric. I'm so excited to begin this adventure off the beaten path. I feel a bit like a crow, oh look a shiny thing.
Is it crow or magpie? Either way, I am totally doing this myself. I mean, they're beads, how can you not?

The photosensitive paper sounds intriguing!

You sound like you have a lot planned for 2011! Which medium were you going to use for doing the journalling, art quilting? Or were you just planning to make something every month but not necessarily in the same medium?
I took a class on bookmaking and really love how simple it is to do. I'm planing on making 3 for 3 different friends. Each year we have a "Festavas" party as we are Jewish, most of our friends are Christians and a few are pagan. So each year I hand make a gift for each friend. It is always the same group of people and each year one or two people get a queen size quilt and everyone else gets things that fit them. My goddaughter received fingerless gloves,a hat & socks, my BF's husband a knitted hat and a hand made journal for another friend. I have to start now to be finished by the first week of December. That's when we celebrate "Festavus"

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My American neighbours talk about "Festivus", I'd never heard of it before. I'm an atheist of Jewish extraction and don't bother with Christmas myself, though I did make a little table runner for my partner's mother one year as she's always so generous. It sounds like you get a lot made for people!

I was wondering what sort of medium you were planning to use for the art journalling? You know, the idea where you make a series of pieces, doing one per month?
I'll be working primarily in fabric, although I'll be using lots of different fabrics, lace, ribbon etc. I want to focus instead on embellishing. I will have a surprise up my sleeve :)
I am on board and I'm not sure if I will be doing something fabric related or paper-based or what. Unfortunately I am managing a theatre production that runs until Jan. 29th, so I'm running out of time to think about this month.

But maybe I can sketch something out while I'm up in my crow's nest....
Thanks for breathing some new life into fabric_journals!

Robin's book is wonderful! I saw it in a bead store in 2000. It changed my life, literally, and I've never looked back.

Somehow I can never resist the call of the Bead Journal Project. As usual, I have no idea what I'm going to do with it, what size I'll choose, and as for themes... they vary with the time of day. I always come up with something, though, much to my amazement. I'm still finishing up 2010, at the moment, and there's paying work to do, of course, but I believe that I'll be able to stay close to being on track with 2011. Fingers crossed...
Ok, I'm on board for something almost every month (I'm thinking 10 projects over 12 months). I want to do something small and quilty, but I want to do different techniques and embellishments. I have phototransfer fabric that I want to play with. I have photo sensitive paints I'd love to work with. I have fish prints I want to play with. And I'd love to try different free motion quilting techniques. Maybe I'll actually do some bobbin work. And then something will be beaded, for sure. How's that for focus?:D

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