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I wanted to add some books I've acquired both recently and within the last year or so; these are either inspirational or helpful for doing textile journals.

Beading on Fabric - encyclopedia of bead stitch techniques by Larkin Jean Van Horn, Interweave Press. ISBN 1-59668-004-0 This is more about embellishing a surface with beads than anything else.

Fabric Art Journals - making, sewing, and embellishing journals from cloth and fibers by Pam Sussman, Quarry Books. ISBN 1-59253-196-2 (pbk) Covers basic construction of books and a few ideas for embellishment.

Stitched Texile Collage - innovative designs for textured surfaces by Lucille Toumi, A&C Black Publishers Ltd. ISBN-13 978-0-7136-8410-0 This is mostly about embellishing the textiles with a variety of methods, from water soluble stabilisers and machine stitching to quilting, beading, embroidery, etc.

Anyone else have book suggestions that relate to fabric journals?


Besides the ones you listed, I really love:

Beaded Embellishment by Amy C. Clarke and Robin Atkins Robin Atkins taught me everything I know about bead embroidery.

Bead & Sequin Embroidery Stitches by Stanley Levy which has great lessons in techniques

Quilted Memories: Journaling, Scrapbooking & Creating Keepsakes with Fabric and Fabric Memory Books: Techniques, Projects, Inspiration, both by Lesley Riley

One of my favorites for inspiration and techniques I want to try as soon as the Bead Journal Project is over is Material Visions - A Gallery of Miniature Art Quilts published by Somerset Studio Publications.

I just found a book called Paper, Metal & Stitch: Creating Surfaces with Color and Texture by Maggie Grey that has a lot of interesting things I want to try.

Also, I have a question: Does anyone have any ideas about binding a fabric journal together? My pages are kind of thick and bead-heavy, and need to be able to be displayed easily for possible (oh, I hope!) exhibition. All I have right now for ideas is question marks floating around my head.
Hmm, have you backed your pages yet? How flexible or stiff do you want them to be? I was thinking of buckram or scrim sandwiched between the beaded page and a plain backing? Then you could bind them into a book of some kind.

Where might you be showing the pages at?
Oh yes, and, I hope you don't mind, but I've upgraded you to a maintainer, if you don't want the position, do let me know and I'll try to fix it.
I don't mind. Thanks.
I have 'Raising The Surface with Machine Embroidery', also by Maggie Grey, and it's a very inspirational book with a lot of good techniques that I'd imagine would work on fabric journals.

It has lots of tips for embellishments and techniques to add dimension to pages.
I'll check that out, it sounds like I'd really like it.
The Amazon page for it has a bit of a look inside feature. It's mainly text from the beginning of the book, so not as inspirational as some of the textile work later on.
Ooh, have you done anything relating to the book yet?

And glad to see there's others responding here in the community =)
Nope, not at all! Got it at the weekend, prompted by my aquisition of a felting machine. I have found a UK supplier of heat reactives for textiles, which the book covers in quite a lot of detail.

I saw the journal quilts briefly at the NEC the othe week, and discovered this community on an LJ interest search for embroidery - journal pieces appeal to me because of the manageable scale.
=D Welcome to the group then and I hope you can share with us what you create and perhaps some of your process of creation.
Thanks :D

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